Council housing decorating vouchers?

I have damp in my flat which the council are coming to sort out in ABOUT 2 weeks. its quite a mess, i had to throw my carpet away and strip the walls, the council cannot give me a start date and also have not told me if i will get any decorating vouchers.
Has anybody else been in this same position?
I am currently not working,What help can i get?
This is the councils fault as they cemented the vent in, they came out a few months ago and said it WAS NOT damp,, few months later they change there minds.

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3 Responses to “Council housing decorating vouchers?”

  1. Peggy says:

    Decorating vouchers are usually given at the full amount the first time you move into a council owned property. After that, if you move, you only get half the amount; where I live anyway.

    If your decorations have been ruined because of this I think that decorating it for you after the work is complete should be an obligation but my instinct tells me that it won’t be. If they say they cannot decorate then I hope that they will, at least, provide the materials for you to do it. Try claiming for the ruined carpets also. That might get them moving in your direction. After all, you’d still have them if this problem had not occurred in THEIR property.

  2. Margaret S says:

    I would imagine that your own insurance would pay for the carpet.

  3. beverley1156 says:

    You should have contents insurance for your own goods( carpet etc) and should make a claim for a new carpet from them.The council may repaint the damp wall but you will have to find the money if you want fancy wallpaper.

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