Council Tax 25% Discount?

Dear All,

I was told that 1-bedroom flats are subjected to a 25% discount in council tax, is this valid? Is this valid for a couple living in a 1-bedroom flat or just of 1 person?

Thank you!
Thank you for your responses. I would like to know what happens if the person who’s living with me is a full-time student of an institution in an EU country. Do we qualify for a discount? If yes, how much?

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6 Responses to “Council Tax 25% Discount?”

  1. spblurton says:

    You get a 25% discount if you are the only adult (ie over 18) in the flat.
    Once 2 people over 18 live there you have to pay the full amount.
    This is also the case for single parents living in a house.
    Once a child reaches 18 the single parent has to pay the full amount.

  2. Part Time Cynic says:

    25% used to be a single person discount and not based on the size of the flat.

  3. tinkerbell says:

    As far as i’m aware the 25% discount is for single occupancy.

  4. Lucky Ellie says:

    You was told wrong
    The above answers are correct.
    It is only due to single occupancy and not the size of the property.
    You can live in a mansion by yourself and still get the 25% discount

  5. Scobill says:

    If there is one person living p[permanent at the residence , no matter what size it is you get a 25% discount
    You should ask your council office about the regulations about other Discount for student etc

  6. peachschnappereturns says:

    The discount goes on the occupiers not the person who two people in a 1 bedroom property would pay the full charge.

    Which country are they a student in and why are they in the UK – are they here studying as a visiting student. If they are then get a letter from the uni stating so and the council should apply a 25% discount .

    The catch however is a that a full time student cannot be held liable with a non-student so you would be legally responsible for the remaining 75% of the charge,

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