Council tax discount review?

My boyfriend got council tex single person discount review. Now I am moving in to his house and we gonna leave the house on next month. Because we get a new house on August. What he need to tell the current details that I move in or he can tell that he still live alone.

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2 Responses to “Council tax discount review?”

  1. david h says:

    He must declair that you moved in with him , and he is no longer entitled to a single persons discount or he will be committing fraud

  2. Andi says:

    You tell the truth
    if you lie, and you are caught – you will have a conviction for Fraud

    You do not want a conviction, it will harm your visa
    your visa is good only if you stay 100% legal !

    So move in – and be on the council tax (and pay)
    Stay where you are – and remain on the council tax where you are
    (when you move, you have to say where you move to)

    Start your life in the UK correctly – telling the truth all the time 😉
    play games, and expect problems.

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