Council tax discount?

I live with my wife and my son, my son is under 16 and he is a full-time student. My wife isn’t working, so i am the only person working in our family. So my question is : Am i allowed to have a council tax discount ?

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3 Responses to “Council tax discount?”

  1. Confuzzled says:

    Nope. If you lived on your own you could claim a single person’s discount and if all of you were dull-time students, your house would be exempt from council tax. Why doesn’t your wife get a job?

  2. Jan409 says:

    Council tax discount is based on total household income and any savings you have,so if you earn more than the minimum amount, you won’t get a discount
    Best to phone your local council and ask what the minimum is
    Whether there is only one person working is not taken into account, although a single person living in a household does qualify, which sometimes seems unfair compared to a one person earning family

  3. Katie and James says:

    no you wont get a discount at all unless your earning under a certain amount.

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