Council Tax discounts?

My Partner and I are about to move into a new flat. The council tax is Band A so it’s already pretty good, but as a full time Student, I know I can get a discount. This only works however if everyone in the house is a full time student.

Here’s my question. My Partner, who has mental behavioural problems and Social Anxiety and therefore can’t bring himself to really leave the house much is about to start an ONLINE GCSE course in Psychology. It’s all legit, the course last 6 months and ends in a GCSE test which he’ll have to go into town to take.

The requirements for Student Council Tax discount for a course under A level qualification is: The Course must last atleast 3 months. The student must be studying atleast 12 hours a week.

Both of which requirements my Partner meets.

Long story short is, Will he be able to get the student discount if it’s an ONLINE college?

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3 Responses to “Council Tax discounts?”

  1. ??? says:

    I presume he is under 20, which is the third qualification for a course up to A-level standard? If so, depends if your local council recognises this as an ‘approved course’. There will still be a 25% discount on the council tax if he is the only other ‘qualifying adult’ – see

  2. A says:

    The only way to get the proper answer is to phone the council tax and ask them.

  3. Marge The Rat says:

    LOL you are trying to scam the council tax department. The council will see right through it and never allow you or your "mentally handicapped!" partner to get council tax discounts. They have heard of this scam thousands of times before.

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