—-council Tax——?

Single persons discount Is it correct in saying if you have a lodger The council only take in to account 2 thirds of the amount paid in rent by the lodger to assess the eligibility of the 25% Single persons discount

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  1. Scott says:

    im pretty certain if you live by yourself you will def get a 25% single persons discount which isnt all that much, but if you have a lodger i beleive you will have to pay 100%
    it will prob be easier to just ring the benefits office and ask, they will tell you over the fone what you will have to pay

  2. bard says:

    The amount of rent paid by the lodger is irrelevant, if you have a lodger you no longer qualify for the single person discount and so will pay the full amount of council tax.

  3. lindyloo says:

    I think you are getting confused between Council Tax Benefit and Council Tax.
    The 25% single person’s discount is only awarded if you are living alone or the person living with you is a student (and therefore not liable for Council Tax.)
    If you receive Council Tax Benefit then if a non dependant lives with you there is a scale of amounts that are deducted from your benefit as it is presumed that the non dependant will be contributing to the household.

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