Counter Strike: Source And Garys Mod? Please Quick Question?

so i see on steam that the counter:strike source is for sale for only $4.99, and gary’s mod is the normal price. i want to get both of them so that i can play trouble in terrorist town, the hidden, etc…my question is do i HAVE to buy the “counter strike: source + gary’s mod” pack? or can i buy each of them separate? cuz if i buy them separate right now ill be saving some monay

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One Response to “Counter Strike: Source And Garys Mod? Please Quick Question?”

  1. Aidan says:

    Well I got gmod when I got Half life 2 and I bought both of them seperately so I am pretty sure that would work the same with counter strike source. But if it costs the same to buy the pack then buy the pack. 😀 Hope I helped.

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