Coupon Code For Male Extra?

Hey folks.
I’ve been using Male Extra for a while now (really good product – i highly recommend it) but since i’ve purchased it a lot recently I thought it may be worth spending the time to see if I can get some discount.
I noticed the option to put in a coupon code when you get to the purchase screen and wondered where I could get one.
Additional Info:
I wrote to the company for freebies (since i’m a regular customer and all) but haven’t heard back so no point trying this route.

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2 Responses to “Coupon Code For Male Extra?”

  1. shutuppa says:

    I don’t have a coupon code, but I’m sorry to hear about your tiny pecker.

  2. Evan says:

    Lol. Kudos to Shutuppa there though maybe a bit harsh.
    Just cuz I feel a bit sorry for our friend Don here (since he asked so politely considering the topic) – you can find a coupon code at the site below.

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