Creating A Tv Programme?

Hiya, basically I need to collect some data for college from you all, so I was wondering what your opinions are for this unit! These are just some basic enquiries about you to get me going, this is like a primary research sort of thing.
I’ll explain my idea plus add in a few general questions to find out about the public.
Okay cool!
Just answer the following, feel free to express all opinions as I am completely open to them.
– Do you enjoy Dramas/Thrillers?
– How often do you watch TV?
– What type of TV genre do you enjoy?
– What programmes do you watch?
My (pretend) Proposal:
The television series I would like to produce would be a drama based around American gangs and criminals. However it will not be your every day cliché turf war drama, it will be set in England – present tense. The story will consist of a criminal; he is a skinhead. He breaks out from prison to find his gang is no more, his drugs sales have perished and a different gang is on the block. His identity has been forgotten and respect is lost, he used to be the most respected person around, people ran from this guy because he frightened them and now he is nobody.
From now he must find his old members, recruit new ones and begin building his gang from the ground. Of course there will be difficulties; he is on the run.
– What do you think of my proposal?
– Is there anything you would change?
Sweeeeeet! Inabit guys, remember to feel free to voice your honest opinion.

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