Cruise ship staff – Family discounts?

My sister is going to work on a Cruise ship.. Do cruise ship employee’s family get a discount if they go on the ship? (she hasnt been able to find out yet)

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  1. Kevin L says:

    Yes there are. I forget what it is exactly but it is something like $10 a day + tips if staying in the employees cabin, $40 a day +tips staying in a guest cabin (based on availability).

    Those rates are only available for immediate family. Mom, Dad, Spouse, Sibilings, Children and I think grand parents were also included in that.

    But each cruise line is a little different.

    But as Anja said, don’t ask about this right away. Your sister doesn’t want to come across as someone who is only in it for the discounts, and getting her family onboard cheap. At some point in the training they usually bring it up.

  2. palmyrafan says:

    I don’t know for sure but I would seriously doubt it. The cruise lines are out to make money (who isn’t?) and would want to reserve the rooms for their paying public.

  3. Dimmy says:

    The shore side employees can get a Friends and Family rate on some cruise lines. I’m not sure about shipboard personnel, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. It’s not free, but it is discounted. Many times it’s space available.

  4. Globetrotter says:

    Every Cruise Line has its policy. In some Companies the rank and the years of service make a big difference.

    But there is as they told you a friend and family option and it is valid for on board staff as well.

  5. Anja H says:

    As a little advice – since she will be working on a cruise ship – this should not be one of her questions being asked before or just when signing on. It will not be liked very much if she does.

    Depending on her position, depending on the cruise line, depending what her cabin situation will be – yes it is possible.

    Each cruise line has their own rules – mostly it is after the 1st contract, or after being with the company for a minimum of 6 month (mostly as soon as the 6 months are passed)
    There exists that possibility.
    Some people can have family onboard if they have a single crew cabin and the visit stays there – sometimes passenger cabins are sold for a cheaper price to family members.

    Often family members onboard of staff members have the same privileges and the crew member they are visiting (not passenger privileges) which could mean not to be in the Casino .

  6. seventy says:

    depends on the cruise line.
    On some, the employee has to have worked for the company for five years before able to claim family discounts.
    Once the five years are complete, cruises can be had for $10 a day but provided the family member is travelling with the employee, in other words, the employee is spending a holiday with the member and not working.
    Otherwise, for friends and family it’s about half the cost of what the public would pay

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