Crumpsall or sale!?

Hi guys im moving up to Manchester and have viewed loads of places! Ive come down to two places and am stuck on which is best! One is in Sale and the other in Crumpsall! Im gonna be working in the centre but wondered what people thought of the two areas…?!

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  1. redbeardtravels says:

    Part of it depends on your budget and what you do in your spare time. Crumpsall offers cheap food markets and takeaways, Sale is a bit more upscale.

    Sale feels more like a proper village. With its markets and art gallery and town hall it feels like a fairly prosperous and self-contained places. I imagine a lot of locals don’t feel the need to go into Manchester for a night out or good meal.

    Crumpsall has more trees and green spaces, but is generally a bit rough. I lived there for years and never had a problem – no muggings, break-ins or anything like that, but the overall environment is grittier.

    Also, are you buying? Crumpsall would be cheaper but has much more scope for properties to increase in value.

    And how are you getting about? Crumpsall’s trams are always busy of a morning, although there’s a stop up the line at Bowker Vale as well. The tram line to Altrincham is notorious for overcrowding, plus all the hassle with people going to the football, cricket or concerts. People in my office are often late coming in on that line and leave early when there’s a match.

  2. jed slade says:

    Sale is considered the better of the two areas,travelling in to the centre you have the electric rail from Sale station,opposite the town hall by the shopping centre.You are also better for the motorways and the Trafford Centre..If you are interested in Canalia,the Bridgewater canal runs through Sale.

  3. waldo_mcginty says:

    I would go for Sale.Apart from the Metro into town Sale and its surrounding districts are a bit more ‘liveable’ than Crumpsall.Nicer pubs and bars etc.That would be my choice anyhoo.

  4. the dj rox UK says:

    sale is a much nicer place to live but if it’s the race course estate then go to cumpsall

  5. randy sandy says:

    i really must get some glasses, i thought your question read, crumpets for sale.
    sorry thought it was quite funny

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