Custom Plastic Card – A number of important details for Business Owners

If you’re considering technical implementation of a custom plastic card for Custom your Dutch business, here’s some information about feature That you might want to consider.

Hot Stamp Printing

The most common way is two information about a custom plastic card through the hot stamping process. An engraved metal plate is heated and applied to the card, wooden covered with dry ink. This Process Creates see the famous print and logos on plastic discount cards or plastic member ship cards. You can even hot plastic cards printed with a striking metallic foil ordering.

numbering, bar coding, Magnetic Striping and OCR

consecutive numbering is the easiest way to differentiate cards from each other. A variety of barcode formats also available for ice print custom plastic card. Magnetic striping is more expensive and is found in low or high density. 3 tracks are available for magnetic encoding information about custom plastic cards. OCR is a process where a special pre-printed image on a plastic card is scanned in a format That Can be used by the computer automated checkout.


You’re probably familiar with the raised lettering that appears on a custom plastic ID card. This relief is done by a mechanical process that Desanzano two heat and pressure to make the raised lettering or design on the card. For a finishing touch, embossed letters often tipped with a counterproductive thing ink or foil humming the plastic card printing process.


Many cards carry the signature of the cardholder on a panel for the comparison that the point of purchase or safeguards. The panel can clear or white and February Contain personalization that is handwritten, typed or generated by a computer.

A custom plastic card is a distinctive and cost effective way for two British entrepreneurs recognize and reward customer loyalty.

Source by Charlie Bennot

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