Cyberpower Or Cyberpowerpc?

Looking at new, high performance desktops. Does anyone here have any – INFORMED – opinions about products and service from Cyberpower, CyberpowerPC, or ibuypower?

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  1. Aaron says:

    cyberpower and cyberpowerPC are the same thing but cyberpowerPC is the website and Cyberpower the company.
    Both cyberpower and ibuypower are well known and good reputation custom configurating gaming PC websites. I myself am configuration a PC on Cyberpower. I have an open configuration on iBuyPower too just to compare prices, options, etc and to see with which one I should go with between the two to buy my computer. I’m leaning a lot over to cyberpower since they show the fps, have a bigger variety of cases, PSUs, and other parts AND the two biggest differences is that the Cyberpower website has a very famous coupon code that takes 5% off the price of your computer (before shipping). This coupon is taking over 100 bucks off my configuration, and I looked for ibuypower codes and I think the only thing I heard of was a free shipping one, but it doesnt work anymore I think and I didnt find it. The other most important difference is that with the cyberpower site, you can click on the image on the left of the options tab of each computer part and a window comes up with information about the computer part (not a definition of the part as in Motherboard, processor or so, but a definition of the OPTION as in Intel 3770K, Radeon 7950 or ASUS P9Z77, etc) and that helped a lot. In a lot of items the info window is just blank, but you dont really need it there (fans, mousepads, neon lights, etc) So, I’d say go with cyberpower if you’re gonna be picking between those two but still have an open configuration with iBuypower, you never know if it will have the exact options you want with the correct price. I hope I helped and happy buying.
    Feel free to look up the 5% discount code for cyberpower PC. I think it was Spring0401 or Spring0410, something like that

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