Cycling Will Any 8 Speed Cassette Do?

My chain is badly worn, so I may need a new cassette too. My cassette says “Shimano cs hg30 81” but I’m struggling to find the exact match, and I’m seeing lots of cost variations. Can I replace it with ANY 8 speed?

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3 Responses to “Cycling Will Any 8 Speed Cassette Do?”

  1. BigE says:

    If you have no complaints about gearing (especially low gear) then get the same number of teeth for the largest. That way, your chain should be the same length. If you get a way
    larger low gear, you will need to check to see if your derailleur can handle it.

  2. Mtrlpqbi says:

    Any Shimano or SRAM 8 speed cassette will work as well as some other bargain brands. Any Campagnolo compatible 8 speed cassette will NOT fit

  3. wleatlan says:

    anything with the same size cogs [12-27, 12-25, etc] as now

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