Dad Getting Remarried After Mom Passes Away…hep With Advice….?

My mom passed away nearly 3 years ago of cancer. My dad since has sold our family home, and proposed to, basically, the first woman he met after she died. He met this woman at my sisters wedding 2 months after my mom’s funeral. The woman is the aunt of my sister’s husband (my sister’s mother in laws sister). My dad moved from Chicago down to a southern state where he knows no one, and has no family except her huge family. He decided to spend ALL the money from his house sale (nearly a million $) and buy a fancy condo for the two of them and her teenage daughter. He is spending all his money renovating the condo to high spec to make his future bride happy. He also bought her a 2 karat engagement ring and they are having a huge wedding next month at a fancy hotel (I’m not able to go as I’m pregnant with twins and live in England). My dad has been unbearable these past 3 years. He gave all his furniture (expensive Ethan Allan) to my sister, anything my mom touched basically, and my mom’s expensive Acura car to my brother free of charge. I got nothing, because I live abroad. He hasn’t even offered to help us out with needing a new car for twins and our toddler…I am the oldest, could this be why? Does he not even care? He never talks about my mom, and basically pretends she never existed. I realise this can happen with men, and they do tend to get married quicker, but she is 20 years younger than him. I have only just met her once, and he really is just on his own agenda. I want to get some of my mom’s ashes from him but he refused to share any of them with me. Do the ashes belong to him? What about her mother’s jewellery? Does that belong to him too? He has never talked about inheritance or any financial help. He came to see me in England a few weeks ago and all he did was drink in front of the tv with his fiancĂ©, he didn’t even play with my son talk to my husband, or hardly even look at me for 4 days. This is a nightmare, and I have a horrible relationship with him. I feel like he wants nothing to do with me, and basically I feel I’ve lost my dad along with my mom. any words of advice?

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