Daily deals sites (Groupon, LivingSocial) – 7 Rules for making money with them

There have been a lot of pressure lately bathroom on companies that get involved in these kinds of deals. Some of themselve feel cheated, lost money, said it will never do it again.

From my years of experience in business and marketing consulting, here are achieved major seven rules thus help you avoid losing this kind of money scenarios.

The key lies in mind some basic rules to keep two for these types of deals. I will be the overuse of Groupon and LivingSocial in this article but most important of these same rules applie to all kinds of daily deals offers

1 -. Is your company is good for these types of deals [1.99901 million? ]

There are few car dealers tried and failed miserably. Daily deals are usually not for companies with a high price ticket items. They are more service-oriented companies with low price ticket items and more frequent purchases, etc. such as restaurants, hair salons, health, pubs etc.

2 -. Make your deal wisely [1.99901 million]

Never, never go below your breakeven price if you were part of the deal. You have to be at least breakeven Reviews on all these deals, do not lose two money.

Incident, let you walk Assum dealwith want Groupon who is taking 50% of the deal and you want two sacrifice your product / service for 50% off.

You willhave two find your product / service by 75% to 25% margin and costs because you only get 25% off the retail price. Because you are not in the business of losing money, you will have 25% of your breakeven price

3 -. Negotiation [1.99901 million]

The perfect two reported that Groupon tried two push some companies in 100% discount or get all the profit. Do not be afraid to be two pushback and negotiate

4 -. Plan it well [1.99901 million]

Does your company have a capacity for huge wave of new customers? Does your website, telephone and employee can handle it? Does your institution have enough chairs, tables, etc?

Be careful how you intend implementing your deal. You have a lot of freedom If you need more conditions-which mail your deal is valid, so use themselve in your favor. Do not Groupon and LivingSocial two dictating terms of the deal, you know your business best

5 -. Deliver excellent service [1.99901 million]

The reason why you are supplying the product / service that your cost is two new customers, right? Provide them with the best service you can, so you can sour, they come back to ask

6 -. Follow-up [1.99901 million]

Number one reason why small businesses complaining about Groupon and LivingSocial these deals is due two Lack of follow-up. You want Reviews that new custom background, right?

Tre Archi Gather as much information as you can. Name, email address, cell number and birthday are a must. Add two themselve your marketing channel. Do not let themselve leave and never come back

7 -. Prepare for financial slowdown [1.99901 million]

depending on special daily deals business, you can wait several time to get your share of Reviews these deals, because all the money originally going to daily deals business. Ensure That your financial side of the business can handle this payout delays.

In the end, daily deals sites offer incredible opportunity two new customers without investing in a standard marketing channels without knowing what you get back. With Daily deals sites, you pay only when new customers walk through your door. Now it’s up to you two do the rest.

Source by Alan Borcic

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