deal or no deal?

Is there any body like me who think Noel Edmunds talk a load of rubbish in deal or no deal

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15 Responses to “deal or no deal?”

  1. Edgein says:

    I have watched Deal or No Deal from the first time and the show is simple random boxes and if your lucks in then your a winner if its not your a loser. Nothing that Noel Edmonds can say will make it anymore exciting or help in anyway so he should let it take its course.
    One thing that amuses me is these so called experts they have on the show who say I think I have a blue or I have good vibes about this they open the box and they reveal 100,000 and you think ah where did that theory get you.
    Have you noticed also his horrendous shirt collection ah.

  2. cb4nufc says:

    If it bothers you then don’t watch it.

  3. Mr.Boombastic Mungbean says:


  4. † Magíríšh † says:


  5. Invoice Jones says:

    NO DEAL, NOEL!!!

  6. big_al_at_home says:

    Of course he talks rubbish – its called filler if her didn’t the show would be over in 15 Mins.

  7. frostthejack says:

    its a load of crap over 30mins to open 21 or so boxes WTF is going on takes me 30seconds to pic that many numbers at random

  8. Luci says:

    No deal

  9. heidi says:

    i think it time for a break. they all seem to know when they want a break,
    get away noel!!!!

  10. A$hl3Y♥ says:


  11. Bruce P says:


  12. lasticlegs says:

    Yeah but he gets paid to do it!!

  13. madmoowithafringe says:

    yep 🙂

  14. itsjustme says:

    Yes I do but he has got such a lovely face for a man his age.

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