deal or no deal?

has anyone genuinlly been on the show or seen the show live, or known anyone thats been on?
If u did get on, how much would u deal at if the 250,000 wasnt an option?
i am aware they do about 17 shows a week!

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  1. The Mole says:

    1. They record several shows in one day and just change Noel’s shirt and symbol.
    2. I don’t believe that computer picker is genuine. I think they plan whose show it will be. For one the contestant always has their items ready (though that could be everyone does) but more importantly in Lucy’s game, she just happened to get picked after 50 shows and the Banker gave her a box with 50 on it. Coincidence?
    3. You can tell what the game was like by about 16:50.
    If there are a lot of boxes left, they probably deal early.
    If there are few boxes left, then you know it is likely to be one where they go all the way. To do with editing the programme.
    I did work this out, it made sense at the time – but is 2am now.
    4. There is someone on the phone, Mr Blobby!
    5. On average is, £20,000 and it starts to go downhill from there.
    If you have a good figure in the box, then that is the only way you cannot actually lose, unless you swop. I’m getting a little bored now of Take Your Pick II.
    6. Don’t bother with the phone line thingy. No deal.
    Chance of you getting picked is ridiculous, plus you may only win £500 for a ridiculous number of attempts. Play the Lottery.
    7. My exciting Unofficial Deal or No Deal(tm) board game:
    Print as is or print as two pages to A4, so you get 2x A5.
    Basically one person plays Noel/Banker, but the Player hides which box they have chosen. So you don’t know what is in it. Ideal for Call Centres. Took several attempts to get it working right. I e-mailed it to Channel 4 for fun.

  2. Mer says:

    Yea i think my nans friend was on there a few days ago and she won thats all i know

  3. Whispering Ron says:

    I am hoping to get on the show one day and if the opportunity did come my way, I would DEAL if the offer was over £25,000, whatever was left on the board. Not a bad payment for a few days waiting around!

  4. Steph j says:

    My mums friend was on it in the summer and won a few grand

  5. the_powerful_joz says:

    i would never deal untill i lose,, i went there with nothing, winning 1p still makes me a winner

  6. heidi says:

    i went with nothing so any amount is ok to go home with, as long as i had a laugh doing it

  7. steven5872 says:

    No have not been on, and do not kow anyone who has. I beleive in fate. I would not deal if there was one amount in the boxes left higher than the offer. If 250,000 was not there I would hold out for the biggest there was. You only get one shot at something like "Deal or No Deal" . Make it count, if you lose you have only lost something you did not have

  8. gazzacroy says:

    just being there would be fun. but as long as i win enough money for the bus fare home i’ll be happy

  9. owllady says:

    It’s a dumb- asssss show.

  10. jimmy white says:

    never seen it

  11. James S says:

    the whole show is a fix. they should make it so noone knows whats in the boxes. 22 identical boxes, no numbers on them, put them in a big box, shake it around and then people pick one out. much fairer

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