Deal or no deal??????????

Does any1 else think that deal or no deal is now a farce of a game. It started off proper with "real" rules and now if some-one comes on with a sob story and crys a little bit the rules are broken. Why cant the rules be the same for every player? "days game where she had bankers gamble at end isnt fair on the players that wish they hadnt dealt and want the gamble but dont get it!! Sorry for the moan but i dont enjoy the game no more coz u just dont know what "new" rule will be added in!!!!

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10 Responses to “Deal or no deal??????????”

  1. Happy Murcia says:

    Yes some of the banker deals are getting a bit poor,,it`s loosened up on the calculations of the deal I guess they`re trying to inject a little tension and suspense into it,,perhaps the viewing figuress are down and they`re upping the stakes,

  2. MF says:

    my penis, thats why

  3. Mr. Jack says:


  4. Uncle Billy 6 says:

    I love to watch losers grovel.

  5. Rabbit says:

    yup, got bored of it very quickly

  6. Doodles says:

    no deal.
    hate that show.

  7. Jay Texas says:

    I’ve always hated that show. You can be brain dead and still play that. And all that forced drama in picking the cases is retarded. NO DEAL!

  8. Rock On™ [Bulls N' Bears] says:

    huh??? I think its a cool show

  9. moneywhiz says:

    to add sum differen features 2 every game

  10. Palwinder says:

    The rules can’t be the same for every player because some of them are not rich as others

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