Deal or no deal ?

You have 2 boxes left, £5,000 and £20,000, the banker offers you £11,000 deal or no deal, what would you do?

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25 Responses to “Deal or no deal ?”

  1. Erin W says:

    Deal. I wouldn’t risk it. I wouldn’t wanna be greedy and say ‘No Deal’ and then get the £5,000 in my box. Even though £5,000 is a lot of money

  2. Celestial says:


  3. yoyo says:

    No deal, mofos!

  4. little~girl~go~rawrrr says:


  5. Prodigal Son says:

    I say deal, that’s plenty of money.

  6. True Bills Fan says:


  7. yosemite sam says:

    stick èm up !

  8. badwolf_got_suspended says:

    thank you banker no deal

  9. Happy Slip says:


  10. Mr (FnC).. Frogncat says:


  11. *teamedwardrulez* says:

    no deal offer me more and deal

  12. Marie H says:

    Ooo that’s hard…Probably Deal.

  13. simm101 says:

    Thank you banker DEAL.

  14. Kate says:


  15. Freeeeezing ! says:

    NO DEAL…

    if ur guaranteed the £5,000 u might as well go for getting the 20,000…

    that’s what i would do….the lowest ur going away with is £5, take a risk !!

  16. ladymenace187 says:

    i say no deal

  17. They Call Me Daryl says:

    always deal

  18. Jayde says:


  19. Dizzykat says:


  20. littlehaba says:

    Deal deffo.x

  21. ASC says:


  22. Mattyboy94 says:

    NO DEAL!!!
    after all you didnt have the money in the first place and id be happy with £5000 as it is cos as i said you didnt have it in the first place

  23. Fiat Panda's Loverr says:

    No Deal.

  24. Graduate Practical Nurse says:

    Take the money!

    I’m not sure how much 11,000 pounds is in relation to American money, I think its one and a half times more.

    Take the money!

  25. Janet (TGJT) says:


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