deal or no deal channel 4?

i watched deal or no deal today and there was a telephone number to apply for the show does anyone know what it was as I really want to go on it. uk please

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  1. richard_beckham2001 says:

    How can I take part in the contest?
    During the Deal or No Deal programme viewers are invited to call or enter by web for the chance to win the contents of one of three boxes, to be opened at the end of the show. Provided you are aged 16 or over you can enter either by dialling the premium rate telephone number (09013 600 400) charged at £1 per call, or by logging onto the Channel Four website ( The full terms and conditions for participating can be read or printed off by clicking on terms and conditions.
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    How does the random selection process work?
    When you ring the premium rate telephone number, you will be passed through a random selection process by which some callers are short-listed to leave their name, town and contact telephone number. Each call costs £1 whether or not you get to the short-list and are asked to leave your details. If you enter via the website, you will see a web page that tells you whether or not you have been short-listed. When the deadline for viewers to respond passes (when the Lines Closed message appears on the screen), Deal or No Deal uses a special computer programme to make a further random selection from all of the combined short-listed entries. The first name selected is the winner and his/her name displayed on the screen at the end of the show.

  2. emma m says:

    surely there is a website?

  3. Alan L says:

    Go to and all will be revealed!

  4. brownsuga says:

    (09013 600 400) charged at £1 per call!!!!!

    or by logging onto the Channel Four website (

  5. Daisy Artichoke says:

    If you go to the website, have a look at the FAQs. It actually says that they are not recruiting any contestents at the moment.

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