Deal or no Deal?

Please can someone explain the rules of deal or no deal I have always seemed to come in half way through and have no idea what is going on, i am right and it is the one with noel edmunds is it not?.
Still confused

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  1. shivorny says:

    There’s 22 identical red boxes rembered between 1 – 22 boxes. Inside each box is a set sum of money, the highest is £250,000 followed by £100,000, £75,000, £50,000 etc, the lowest is 1p, there are 11 high numbers and 11 low numbers. The high numbers are red, the low numbers are blue. At the beginning of each show the 22 people choose a box each with no idea what amoutn of money is in there, and stand with theirs, along two rows of tables then a player is selected at random to play deal or no deal, that player takes their box to the front onto a small table with a phone on it. The aim of the game is for that person to pick off each box at random, exlcuding their own one which isn’t opened until the end, ideally they should eliminate the low blue numbers first and be left with high red numbers, so that they have a better chance of winning a large number, in particular the £250,000, but their success is all very much down to luck. After opening 5(or 3 i cant remember) boxes, the phone will ring – it is "the banker" he will offer a sum of money to persuade the player to quit so that the player does not leave with a large amount of his money. Once the player has decided what to do noel wil ask them whether they want to take the money or gamble by asking "deal or no deal?" The player will say either deal or no deal, and continue with the game, (If they accept the offer, they will continue with the game anyway to see if they made the right decision) after picking off another 5 boxes the phone will ring again with another offer from the banker, the game continues like this until there are only 2 boxes left, one will be amongst the 21 people the other will be the box that the player brang with them to the table. At this point the banker will ring up one last time with his last offer and he may give them the option to swap boxes. Once a decision is made noel will open the players box revealing the money they won or could have won

  2. ♥Sunshine♥ says:

    open boxes..

    first offer is after 5 boxes.. depending on which amounts they have taken out depends on there offer given by the banker..

    they can either deal or no deal..

    then open another 3 boxes..

    deal or no deal

    then another 3..

    well simple!!.. :oP..

    do that until ur left with 2 boxes.. then either deal or no deal..

    then offered the swap…

  3. white_and_nerdy_93 says:

    It’s all based on statistics and averages

  4. jed slade says:

    good show ,try to catch it from the beginning all will then become clear.

  5. alexis says:

    It’s a game of pure luck. You open a sit case and hope like hell the million dollars is not in it. You hope the case you choose has the million dollars in it. you open 5 cases, after that the banker makes a deal to take his offer, or say no deal. then you open 4 cases and the banker offers you money to take the money or open more cases.

  6. Helena says:

    they start with 22 boxes, with amounts in them from 1p to £250,000, one of which belongs to the contestant and the other ones which are opened by the other 21 contestants.

    Basically the banker makes the contestant an offer for their box depending on what amount is probably in there. the more boxes opened by the other contestants with low amount in them, the higher the chance that the contestant has a high amount in their own box and vice versa.

    Sorry that was the best I could do! Not very easy to explain

  7. SYJ says:

    Yes it is Noel Edmonds. All the person selected has to do is call out which box they want opened. After 5 the Banker calls and gives them an offer which they accept or refuse. From then on they must chose three boxes before another phone call. If they have accepted the Banker’s offer then the idea of trying to save the big cash boxes reverses and they want to get rid of them so they end up with more money than the Banker has offered. If they hang out until the end they go home with what is in the box they took to the table – unless the Banker has offered them a swop which they can do or not.
    (Any clearer??)

  8. Carolina says:

    It is basically a game of "guess whats inside this box" and make a great big deal out of trying to figure out whats in it when everyone knows its just down to luck.

  9. Linx says:

    i understand the rules but think that the whole game is pointless ( and has any one seen all the other copy-cat shows that have popped up since it became popular… i mean please!) ; )

  10. Calvin K says:

    in every country has the different rules…
    ex: indonesia 35 boxes…..
    i think in america have 5 boxes eh? i dunno ^^

  11. mellybarrie82 says:

    This is how it works… You come out and you have the numbers 1-26 you get to pick one number to keep… But you cant open it just yet you have to open 6 cases first… you have the amounts… .01$ – $1,000,000.. so you have to pick 6 cases hoping it isn’t the $1,000,000 If you dont hit the $1,000,000 durning the first 6 cases the banker will offer you a amount for you to sale your case to h im. If you dont take the offer( lets say its 35,000) then you have to open 5 more cases.. if you hit a big nu,mber like $400,000 and another big number like $500,000 then your offer might go down to let say 18,000 and you say NO again you have to open 4more and this time you did really good.. the offer was 56,000 you can say deal or no deal… BUT if you say yes to 56,000 you go home with that,but if your case had that $1,000,000 too bad. But you can say NO DEAL and contuine to ope other cases until you win that $1,000,000
    So I hope you understand it now.. Its on again on Wednesday

  12. peace_honeybee says:

    This sites if the official site for the game show. From what I was reading this might be helpful and if not I’m sure there is someone you can contact on this site who can give you all the answers you need.

    Hope this helped.

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