Dealing with this depression…?

I’ve been dealing with this depression thing for a long time…and well today…i reached out for help..but at the same time felt like i was making a mistake. Did I make a mistake? I told a doctor today that I thought was trustworthy…someone i thought I could tell and not be judged about it. He wanted me to see a psycologist, a theripist and find a way to deal with this past pains i have not over come. He said i needed a friend, church people, someone to express my feelings to instead of keeping them inside of me which is all ive ever known how to deal with these problems. I’m scared to see a psycologist. It seemed like he wanted me to talk to the doctor that delivered my baby 8 weeks ago…but I’m not sure if I should. I just don’t know what to. I’ve lost interst in alot of things that i use to enjoy. At times its difficult to take care of my children because of the way I am feeling. Is that normal with depression? Should I see the doctor that delivered my son about the way I am feeling? I am just very scared that he is going to judge me in some sort of way. I developed a habit of where i feel the urge to cut, to let go of my feelings that are causing me such pain, to numb them…should i mention that too? I just don’t know what I should do.

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  1. Olivia16 says:

    I can honestly answer this question from nothing but raw personal experience. I am suffering from reactive depression and clinical depression but I saw a psychiatrist who within minutes determined my characteristics and what type of depression I had. I would highly recommend going to see a psychiatrist – it changed my life as it was someone to open up to and someone who can help you. There is no reason to feel like reaching for help was a mistake, even the best fall down. It’s so hard to deal with depression alone and you can change how you feel with the help of people who care, not just for you but for your son. It’s important to remember that you can trust a psychiatrist with anything, that they are only there to help you. I now see a therapist every week, just as someone to talk to and help me with whatever problems I may be facing. The other best tips I can give you on top of this are:
    – eat a lot of fish/ omega 3 tables/ 5-HTP tablets
    – ensure you do 3 activities a week that will relax you

    Losing interest in things that you to interest you, feeling insignificant and feeling alone are all normal symptoms of depression. You don’t have to deal with it by yourself anymore, moreover, it’s not fair on yourself to deal with it anymore. I honestly hope I helped 🙂

  2. When In Doubt *Mumble* says:

    I’m not a doctor, but what you seem to be describing is PPD

    The best thing you can do is be honest, get everything out, don’t feel ashamed. The more honest you are with your doctor the better it will be for you, and your children.

    PPD is not something to joke around about, (Not saying you are) But it’s a serious matter that needs your attention, as well as others that love and care about you.

    Better yourself, for you!

  3. Gen says:

    be honest dont hold anything back

    i find that having a safe box helps me calm down when im upset

    one thing i find helpful when i am upset about something or triggered is the fact that i have a box which i put all of my most prized posessions in. and if the object or idea is too big for the box i just write about it on a note card and put the card in the box. i open the box when ever i am upset and it really calms me down.

    things i have in the box include:
    a picture of my dogs
    birthday cards
    letters from ex’s (reminds me that i can be loved by someone)
    tickets from shows and games
    acceptance letters
    varsity letter and pins
    and other special mementos.

  4. Stimpson J. Cat says:

    It sounds as if you may have post-partum depression. From what I understand (here in the US), in England you have health visitors that come visit after you have a baby. You should tell her that you may be suffering from post-partum depression. You said you suffered from "past pains" and most likely the stress of a new baby has made it even more difficult to deal with, considering the lack of sleep a new mother experiences when feeding a newborn every 4 hours round the clock.

    I think your doctor was trying to encourage you to find a support system, be it a church group, new mother’s group, family members, etc.

    A medical professional should not cast his or her own moral judgment onto a patient’s behavior, illness, symptoms, whatever. But do try to get some help. How about the baby’s pediatrician, have you asked him/her? Do tell a health professional that you’ve been feeling depressed and you would like to get some help. That in itself is a big step.

  5. pablo says:

    Hi Christie, well keeping them all inside for yourself is not good. In general talking to others makes us feel better esp if we’re feeling really shitty r depressed. Listen we all get depressed at times and sometimes it’s very difficult to get over it, and it can become chronic, esp if we don’t deal with it and dealing with can be take many different forms for each individual. Depression can often be family related or it can be an immediate thing, we hate our job, our lives, we don’t feel love or we’re bored. So try not to turn to medication, see a psy if you have nobody you can talk to close to you, cause often it’s diffcult to reveal these things to friends and family, cause we don’t properly open up or they just tell you to stop complaining in there own way….we live in age were everybody is so busy and just looks out for themselves…depressing i know ;p. But have a little analyse of your own life. Do you like your job? Do you like where you live? Do you speak to your partner openly about things….ask yourself how do you really want to live your life, it might just be a case of taking up the guitar and shooting some hoops with friends, going to the theatre more often. This might sound a bit lame, but trust me life can be boring and these little things matter. One big thing is get rid of the TV for say 2 weeks in your life and play board games and read some books and go swimming in the morning. We can go down hill very easily but the steps to go up hill are also very easy…there is always a fine line beween joy and sadness and sanity and madness, we have to feel all the emotions in life but if we go too far too the negative it’s no fun at all!! This time of year also with the sht weather doesn’t help, but hey the god times are never far away. Look after yourself and your kids…and lastly it takes a brave person to admit there insecurities to other so bravo…it’s a 1st step!!

  6. Curious says:

    On top of the regular depression you said you’ve had for a long time, you just gave birth 8 weeks ago, and could also have post partum depression. I’ve been dealing with depression most of my life, and I’m 60. Most of all, don’t ever worry about people judging you. It’s not important. I’ve learned a long time ago to pretty much not care about what people think of me. I’ve read that in self-help books. People misjudge people all the time anyways, even if there were such a thing as a perfect person. You also have more than one child. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of them. There’s isn’t anything as precious as those little children of yours and they need their mother to be ok. If you’re afraid that a friend or someone close reacts badly to what you’re telling them, don’t let it make you feel worst. Be strong. On the other hand, they may be understanding. Be sure to be open to any of your doctors about it so that they can lead you the proper professional help. Hang in there, be strong, and do it for your children (and yourself).

    I have also found there are many great self-help books. I should know because I’ve bought many of them over the years. They can be very inspiring and helpful.

    Best wishes.

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