Deals on phone and broadband.?

Could someone please tell me if there is a really good deal out there to switch to phone and broadband package which is the cheapest every month. They show the special price for a few months but don’t show the prices after that. I am in the UK thinking of switching from Sky. My line rental is £12.25 per month and boradband £10.00 per month. Broadband was £7.50 but they increased another £2.50 because I cancelled my TV package. Any better deals out there? I dont want restriction usage on the internet. Perhaps 40GB or unlimited will do. I have looked online and its all ever so confusing. Please share some ideas with me. I cannot afford much but I need my phone and internet and lookinbg for the best deal that may be out there. I dont like contracts but 12 months would be fine. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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  1. George Buchan says:

    You are right when you say there are many deals out there, BUT as you say they never show you all the costs.
    I see someone talking about talk talk, my advice is avoid them completely they are terrible. I have a friend who is using Plus net for calls and broadband which seems to be OK
    The company I use for line rental, unfortunately does not have a broadband package as yet, we use Virgin media but I think that is a bit expensive for you.
    For my calls I use a digital adaptor which plugs my phone into my router, this allows me to call any phone worldwide, all my UK landline calls are free 24/7, reduce prices for mobile calls and I can call something like 48 countries for a maximum of 6.1 pence inc VAT.

    All I can suggest is call some of the companies offering deals and ask them exactly what it is going to cost, and what you are going to get on say a 1 year contract, then get them to send you all the info in writing, it is too easy for somebody to tell you something over the phone then have the company say that is not in the contract.

  2. Kirsty says:

    We went with talk talk essential package. It cost £18.80 a month and that includes free evening and weekend calls and 40gb broadband download. They aren’t terrible and we’ve had no trouble with them (touch wood) and the Internet is always fairly fast.

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