Deals to disneyland paris…?

I would like to book this for this time NEXT year for my sons 5th birthday.

ive got a price staying at hotel chyanne, 2 nights 3 days, park passes, 2 adults, 2 kids
(5 & 1yr olds)….
£385-400 ish WITHOUT travel.

is this a good deal?
apprantley this is the early booking discount at 25% & kids go free under 7.

this is without eurostar as there prices are not out until jan\feb time.

do I book it now? or wait to see if I can get a better deal?


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3 Responses to “Deals to disneyland paris…?”

  1. Dominic says:

    You do not say at what time of the year you want to go and prices vary according to that, so it is difficult to judge .
    It is not a bad deal and probably intended for people who are travelling there by car or flying cheap to Beauvais then making their way there by public transport, but on the whole it is more advantageous to take a package with the travel included.
    There are special deals with Eurostar too, so why not wait till their prices come out, and travelling with Eurostar is so convenient, especially if you have young children. It takes you practically to the gate and you do not have the hassle of other public transport which is not easy.

  2. Jack in the box says:

    sounds like a fine deal, did you get it through a reputable website or agency…

  3. robyne a says:

    Wait to see if better deal comes. Check some other sites for prices.
    and check air line companies as there are booking packages a lot more.

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