Decorating A Long And Narrow Living Room

A living room can come in many different sizes. Not all living rooms are a perfect square, and if it is not, it may be too difficult to decorate. If you have a long and narrow room, you may find it difficult to create the right look. No matter what you try, it does not seem to have a balanced view. There are several reasons why this can happen. It may be that you have too much of an emphasis in one direction or it could be that the color you use is just not help the room look bigger. Here are a few decorating tips when decorating a long narrow living room.

Where is Your Focal Point?

You probably places to focus on the main wall where your bank is. The focal point should be on the side wall, on both sides. Place a fireplace, artwork, or even a television on the side and you will balance the room. If you you’ll put something on the other walls, see that your room will only see more, no matter what you try.

The overall look

The room doesn ‘t need only one overall look. You can find different regions of space that can be arranged differently. This will also help the room look smaller. Create a seating area, a space to sit in front of the fire, a desk and chair, and a place to sit and read. Creating different areas can help the room appear smaller. Be creative and think about the needs of the family as a whole. If no one is usually in this room, you’ll be able to decorate it all yourself.


You can create a new look by placing various sizes to create carpets in the room. Place the sofa and two chairs in a modern area rug to draw attention directly to the seating area. You can also create a rectangle rug for the fireplace. Rugs can also provide additional heat to the floor.

You also need to arrange the furniture according to the traffic. You certainly do not want to put furniture in the walkway. Keep the walkway clean and noticeably so there is no puzzle to find out when someone enters your room. Your itinerary must be open and visible as soon as you enter the room.

You want to create a smaller feeling in a long and narrow space, but you do not want t space to feel too messy so make sure you keep it clean with just a few simple organizing tools. Remember to count the furniture. Since the living room furniture is big and bulky, you want to make sure you count this.

Create to create a sketch of your room and use a pencil to a few pictures of the color in your furniture arrangement or take room and cut the furniture that you actually want in the room. When mapping, this will help you get the look you want to create.

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