Dell Inspiron 3520 Performance Question?

I wanted to know if the Dell Inspiron 3520 would meet my daily tasks with flying colors or not. I really want a laptop. A decent one at that, with out paying a ton of money. This laptop is around $398 at the Walmart I work at, plus I can get a discount. Here’s the specs for it as provided by the description at Walmart: Dell Inspiron 3520 Windows 8 2nd Gen Intel Core i3 Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 4 GB Memory 500 GB Disc Space CD/DVD Drive Web Cam. I’ll mostly be using it for Web browsing. Maybe some typing. Basic functions like any normal person. Nothing to strenuous.Maybe some mine craft if it will run it without too many problems. And Netflix. Again. Nothing like BF3 or WoW or Skyrim. I know it won’t run those games lol I don’t care about build quality, I don’t want to purchase anything online, the display seemed nice from what I can say, and I like windows 8. But I don’t know a whole lot about processors and graphics cards and I just wanted to know if it would hold up to what I wanna do with it. Any thoughts?

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  1. bite says:

    Yes it would be enough for you

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