Dictionary.com Says “section 8” Is A Synonym For “maniac”. Have You Ever Heard This?

I don’t get it. Why does “section 8” mean “maniac”? What is “section 8”? All I can find is that its a type of public housing voucher program type thing. What has that got to do with mania?

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4 Responses to “Dictionary.com Says “section 8” Is A Synonym For “maniac”. Have You Ever Heard This?”

  1. The Truth, Nothing Less says:

    That’s because it’s a dictionary, not a thesaurus. Thesaurus is where you look for synonyms.

  2. ioerr says:

    It’s from the military. section 8 refers to the disciplinary article for dealing with crazy recruits.
    “The term Section 8 refers to a category of discharge from the United States military when judged mentally unfit for service”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_8_%…

  3. daffyduc says:

    ioerr is correct. If you’ve ever see the TV show MASH, Klinger was always acting nuts to get out on a Section 8.

  4. Flower says:

    In previous times the military used to refer to “Section 8” when discharging someone due to mental health problems.

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