Did He Really Like Me?

What it means when a friend (not a close one, but yeah) pings me about 6-7 months after college is over to tell me that he considered me a good friend, and even though he never said so during college, he wished he could tell me that.
Actually, initially it did not strike me, but sometimes back a common friend asked me if I knew he liked me, and apparently he had told so to this common friend when he was drunk.
By the way this friend most likely knows am in a relationship, and in fact once during first year in college he told me at length how he really liked another girl, who did not reciprocate his feelings(common knowledge at that time in college).
I am just curious. haha.. discounting what the common friend said, is it normal what this guy did? I mean the out of blue ping after so many months.

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2 Responses to “Did He Really Like Me?”

  1. Roktim says:

    ever heard of a tv series named Smallville. You’re Lana Lang, and He is Clark Kent. JK… 😀
    yes, He likes you.

  2. Mircat says:

    He was probably having a drunken lonely moment and decided to make one of those contacts people do when they drink or smoke or are depressed then wish the hell they hadn’t the next day. Ignore it and forget about it.

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