Did I Make Myself Look Desperate?

I got a new job as a waiter at a restaurant. I’m still new and i’m just getting to know some of the people i work with. One night after i was finished working i ordered food from a waitress there and it ended up being 8.40$ (with my employee discount) i gave her a 20$ bill and told her to just give me 5$ back and the rest she can keep and she refused and told me to tip her less it felt really uncomfortable. Did it make me look like i was needy or desperate? I was just being nice since she was a coworker. How do you think she probably feels about me?

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8 Responses to “Did I Make Myself Look Desperate?”

  1. Adam says:

    No, you just look generous.

  2. lillian ;) says:

    its not biggy, she wont think much, she’ll just think your being nice and that you need to keep your money since were like, in a recession

  3. TheTruth says:

    She was just shy that she didn’t want to take that much from you.

  4. Kandi says:

    To me i think she has it crossed. I think that she thinks you are trying to buy her or something along those lines.If i were her id think that you were trying to look like a badass trying to impress. She prolly thinks your hitting on her lol

  5. Teep McGeep says:

    That’s around a 120% tip. Might be a little high. Had you asked for just a $10 back it would have been totally fine. You probably did come off as desperate.

  6. Been There says:

    She probably thought you were trying to “buy” her friendship.
    You have to learn when to be generous and when it is not appropriate. And you have to learn how generous is “too” generous.
    People with a healthy self-esteem do not like to feel indebted to others. A normal tip would have been appropriate, while a 100% tip (which is basically what you were offering) makes her indebted to you.
    I have a Buddhism teacher, one of the Dalai Lama’s monks, and every year he spend 4 days making a huge feast of very fancy, difficult, delicious dishes. Then he invites everyone who helped him over the year. He says that one must never allow themselves to be indebted to others … we must always return favors that are given to us.
    In the West, we too have the same basic attitude, although it is not as formalized and not as consciously recognized. When someone does us a favor, we then “owe” them, and whether or not we are consciously aware of it, most of us don’t like feeling that we owe someone.

  7. always b natural says:

    Just go with what she said, Next time, just let her bring you the change
    and you can leave whatever you want

  8. Gabby V says:

    Maybe she felt a little insulted or ‘poor’ around u because you said that… but maybe shes also being generous too

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