Did I miss a bargain?

A fellow drinker last night kept asking me the same question "Do you want some?" He appeared to have some outside, inviting me to inspect it but I don’t buy things from people in pubs.

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4 Responses to “Did I miss a bargain?”

  1. Monkey Harris says:

    You did miss one hell of a bargain. If you see him in the pub again and he asks you the same thing, throw caution to the wind and pop outside. You’ll have a truly smashing time.

  2. tfd says:

    Yep,you missed a thumping good bargain

  3. Gogi K says:

    You never miss in life, there are opportunities reoccuring,situations repeating,…its a cycle…remember its revolves, only patience required!

  4. tabbyfur says:

    Lucky you didn’t step outside

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