Did I miss the bargain of my life last night?

I was in Tesco last night doing the weekly shop. I needed a new loo brush (the puppy ate the last three, don’t ask) There was one in a box reduced to £2 because there was no brush in the pot. It actually had written on the box "no brush" Was this a real bargain or not?
Hey! Garry F. Question too difficult?

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12 Responses to “Did I miss the bargain of my life last night?”

  1. nellie says:

    And doesn’t it really puzzle you where the brush went? Someone else must have a puppy like yours and they nicked it!

  2. Westwood says:

    It depends on how much the complete units are and whether or not you actually needed the brush part of it. You should really have bought it anyway and sold it on ebay, I bet you would’ve made a fortune.

  3. ..Hannah..UK.. says:

    No brush, yet you needed a toilet brush.

    That’s like buying a table with a sticker on it saying "no legs".

  4. suzywong says:

    if you needed the pot then it might be

  5. Gary F says:

    lmfao…..thought you needed the brush???

    read your question before you post it!!

  6. Michael H says:

    I saw a jigsaw for sale in "HobbyCraft" at Christmas. It was reduced by £1 with a label "some pieces missing"

    Can you ever imagine anyone buying that to save £1 ??

  7. miss starfish says:

    lol thats funny
    i am glad you didn’t buy it, whats the point if there s no brush
    also u can get some for a £1 and guess what?? it has a brush…lol

  8. Emerson G says:

    No, Why would you spend 4$ on a Plastic Stick??

  9. jodi b says:

    No bargain, go to pound land especially if your puppy has a taste for loo brushes! You could get one for the bathroom and one for the puppy for £2 they even come with holders!!

  10. Krissy says:

    What are you on?

  11. Steve Brody Head says:

    I like bargains.

  12. alexwebbz says:

    last nite i saw a tub of ben and jerry’s phish food reduced 2 a pound,now thats a real bargain.

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