Did I Screw Everything Up With This?

Girl texted me (a guy) that she was free to hang out tomorrow at 4. I told her where I’d meet her then said, “Thanks for the discount. I know you charge other men much more for your company,” as a joke.
She texted back, “what the ****, (my name)?”
I sent her two texts apologizing, saying that I didn’t mean to offend her. That if I made her uncomfortable in any way, then I’m really sorry. That if she doesn’t want to hang out anymore then I Understand.
She hasn’t texted back since. Did I really screw up here? We’re friends and I was only kidding.

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One Response to “Did I Screw Everything Up With This?”

  1. Brad says:

    Maybe don’t be such a racy prick until you get to know her better.

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