Did Obama’s Nose Grow Yesterday When He Said 40% Of Gun Sales Take Place Without A Background Check?

Yes, his is always growing from all those lies

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14 Responses to “Did Obama’s Nose Grow Yesterday When He Said 40% Of Gun Sales Take Place Without A Background Check?”

  1. Ava says:

    His nose has grown so long that he can be in Chicago and Washington at the same time.

  2. BB says:

    i think most people with brains would say no, as what you are referring to is a children’s fairy tale as the basis of your thesis.

  3. 79 Degrees of Gay says:

    I think you were looking at his pants, GAY!!!!

  4. I'm here to make fun of you. says:

    No, I trust that he is not “lying” and making up the statistic.

  5. John says:

    See “BB”s answer.

  6. Beastly Iguana says:

    According to Politifact, this claim is “mostly true”.

  7. King Mob says:

    No, between gun show sales and private party sales I’m surprised its only 40%

  8. Joan says:

    Nope. That 40% figure wouldn’t surprise me at all. Between the criminals who couldn’t pass a background check, and the knuckleheads who just don’t want to have to submit to one, I’d say that figure was pretty reasonable.

  9. Butch S says:

    not at all.
    of course, probably 25% of that 40% are accounted for by completely illegal [black market] sales from felon A to felon B. $100 and 10 minutes will get you a gun, with bullets, in an moderate or major American city. That’s how many are stolen in breakins —
    needless to say, those 25% aren’t going to be affected at all by our “Dear Leader’s” pontificating or rule making.

  10. Spock (rhp) says:

    They manipulate statistics as always
    He is not technically BSing.
    When he says “gun sales” he means every gun that is inherited and every gun that is sold citizen to citizen.
    40% of gun sales are not black market sales like he is suggesting.

  11. cjgt2 says:

    He was including all of the illegal gun purchases which take place in cities like Chicago, LA, DC etc….
    You know… the cities with tough gun laws.

  12. Bad Wolf says:

    did he include “Fast and Furious ” in his statistics ????..if you count how many he and Eric Holder have sold to the Mexican drug cartels,and other criminals it will raise that percentage real quick! If his big purple lips were flapping…..he was lying…google “Fire Eric Holder” and sign the petition

  13. susanism says:


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