Did Ryan Help Romney More Than He Hurt?

Romney could have chose anybody so why did he chose someone who had the baggage changing Medicare into a voucher system? Imho Ryan hurt the GOP. Romney should have chosen a moderate.

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10 Responses to “Did Ryan Help Romney More Than He Hurt?”

  1. Rockefeller Republican says:

    You’re correct.

  2. Lois Griffin says:

    Portman and Pawlenty were too “status quo”….
    Romney needed a momentum-changer.

  3. The Doc says:

    GOP would best be helped by reconsidering what do most Americans want and trying to reform its platform.

  4. dr.peppe says:

    The GOP should have chosen moderates.

  5. Homey Don't Play Dat! says:

    Romney won independents but clearly lost dependents.

  6. That one guy says:

    Yup sure did
    He could have picked Rand Paul. Good way to appease the Ron Paul followers as well as bringing in Democrat votes.

  7. ranger_c says:

    The whole Republican Primary doomed Romney. Ryan was just a minor symptom of a larger problem. A candidate can’t insult and offend voters during the primary and then come back and say he didn’t mean it during the General Election. They remember and as shown by the vote, most won’t forget.

  8. Freedom and Liberty says:

    Ryan was put there to make sure that the Tea Party voted Romney, not having Ryan would have been a terrible mistake.

  9. aeriol7 says:

    Ryan hurt Romney because it was obvious they were not on the same ideological page. Ryan was forced upon Romney bu the leadership for their endorsement. Just like the platform was their idea. The best person won!

  10. Flower says:

    I didnt vote for Romney but Ryan was awful. He was out of his league running for VP. He was in Congress for 13 years and sponsored on two bills, one of which was renaming a post office in Wisconsin. He sponsored that awful amendment to the constitution with Todd Akin giving a fertilized egg legal rights, which would lead to criminalizing abortion.
    People like this are either religious zealots or their thinking is from 100 years ago. The Republicans did a number on the minds of seniors telling them they could keep the current Medicare subsidy and they would be helping their children by voting for the voucher plan. Those Republicans lied about everything they said for the last 5 years.
    Romney choosing Ryan was a case of the blind leading the blind.

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