Did The Aap Disregard Completely Sexual Pleasure Of Men Is Their Circumcsion Position?

So, i admit im on the fence about how I should feel about circumcision. I was cut as baby…I never thought much about it, im 22 and virgin btw. Until I encountered intactivsts on facebook through a religious discussion page I was on. I have thrown myself into research about the sexual effects of circ. I am terrified at the though that i am severely lacking sexually and that as attitudes change…girls wont want a mutilated guy as much. Worse yet, even if women are willing to settle for me, I can’t imagine being pitied in the bedroom, and even if i found a girl that simply preferred the cut look..I can’t imagine being with someone who prefers me looking a certain way while my sexuality has been greatly diminished.
I want badly to believe that I was not greatly diminished..and theres anecdotal evidence on both sides as men cut as adults report different impacts. I figured that the World Health Org and the AAP wouldn’t say something is a viable medical choice for a baby if it greatly harmed baby boys future sexual functioning. To be honest I never found a lot of good pro-circ info online..itnacvists really rule the net. It makes me wonder if they simply have the logic and science behind them. I never heard much about the AAP’s considering of future sexual pleasure or function, I figured this was because maybe the AAP generally considered the idea that circumcision greatly diminishes sex is a conspiracy theory and feel it doesn’t need to be dignified with a response.
TO be honest, I dint care about intactivism because I’d never cut a son…but only on bodily autonomy grounds…unless the medical need was VERY convincing (like if 1/3rd of all babies with foreskins died by age 6 for some reason…then maybe id agree its justified). But i’m sick intactivists..they have nothing to offer me. I already agree I don’t wanna cut my sons, but they demand i feel horrible and miserable and i have no idea how they think ill even produce a son if I’m supposed to feel so awful about what a sexually mutilated freak I am.
So, yea intactivists..but out..im not interested in you telling me to be righteously angry to “save future boys” what about me? I don’t live for your cause and i dont live for activism. i want to be happy and u can’t help me do that so shut up, I’m not interested in what u have to say..i wont cut any sons I have (Which again…the way you people talk i dont understand why u think i have any business procreating anyway, if im such an inferior sexual specimen that no woman should be subjected to, unless she simply doesn’t value sex).
But anyway, I read this article in discover magazine that said: “What is vital to understand about the AAP’s recommendation is that the Academy is not discounting, in any way, the biological purpose or function of foreskin. What the task force has implied, rather, is that whatever the advantages to being an intact male—such as increased sensitivity of the glans, protection, lubrication facilitating better heterosexual intercourse (in addition to the lubricating properties of shed skin cells and oils that accumulate under foreskins, an accentuated coronal ridge may also retract more vaginal fluids during copulative thrusting)—these advantages are overshadowed in importance by the prophylactic benefits of removing highly receptive HIV target cells that are found on the inner mucosal surface of the foreskin. And when performed by a skilled physician on neonates under sterile conditions, circumcision is a quick, safe, minor procedure.”
WHOA! So my parents can rob me of sexual pleasure because there a chance i might sleep with an AIDS infected woman (btw im a virign and so insecure about my penis I don’t currently date or anything…looks like circ really reduced my chance at getting aids!!)…..Is this really how the AAP thinks? Sexual pleasure means nothing if there can be a slight reduction in the CHANCE of contracting a disease…I can’t understand that..was there really any bioethicists on board? How could any human justify that? Is it true the AAP KNEW and simply dont care about male pleasure? Was the whole decision board completely men who dont care about sex and women? I don’t understand. I wonder how bad the effects are…I wonder how I should feel . I’ve though about restoring (stretching my shaft skin over my glans by wearing device for a long period of time) but i hear that doesn’t do much and it wont make me feel equal to other intact men and to american woman (who are intact always as their genitals are protected). So, Im now thinking about trying to find an FGM victim that i can feel equal to or being celibate. O, but atleast I dont have AIDS!!!!

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  1. wow says:

    Hey bud. I feel the same way. I dont think the aap care about sexual pleasure or your rights. They just care about playing things on the safe side, with no controversy. After all why would they blatantly state all the negative side effects to something that makes them billions of dollars. Its a sick world my friend. Im circumcised too and I feel terrible about it all the time. Im super self conscious about it and it makes me feel inferior to women. II always think to myself why would a girl want to be with a guy who was cut up and had a scar and try to think of it from my perspective if I was dating a girl who had that done, all I can think is that if I was dating a cut up girl Id probably not like it haha. That makes me think no girl would like me eithier. Like when I was little I always wondred why I thought boys were boring and girls were so much more interesting and complex but then I discovered it was because someone cut apart my genitals. Dont you love America. I used to get so jealous of my gf when we had sex because i couldnt feel anything and I always thought it was because of this. I too have thought about having a partner that was like me but thats not possible haha. Girls are protected. Yea it feels pretty bad knowing that there are guys out there that are better then you just because they were lucky enough to not be cut up as a child. So to awnser your question. Yes I do believe they ignore the pleasure thing and just the basic truth of what circumcision really is. They probably wont ever acknowledge it either because that would cause a lot of controversy.

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