Did this teacher deal with this right?

Did this teacher deal with this right?

Did this teacher deal with this right?

I was crying and she came and spoke to me the First time she said "we are a bit worried about you today we can help if we can " do you think this was a bit mean as she is saying she might not be able to help in a way ? second time she came and spoke to me she told me that my work was lovely was this the right way to deal with it ?also how do i not feel embarrassed when i see her on monday?i also have aspegers

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2 Responses to “Did this teacher deal with this right?”

  1. Achelios says:

    yes, the teacher dealt with this correctly

    no, it was not mean because without knowing why you were crying, she did not know if she could help you or not…. somethings that can affect a person are outside of the purview of the teacher

    yes, encouraging words from here were the right thing to do at that time

    how to not feel embarrassed? change the focus from yourself. instead of being concerned about being embarrassed, walk in & let the teacher know how much you appreciate their sensitivity to you & helping you get through a difficult day — you can focus on your teacher & how you appreciate them rather than focus on yourself

  2. J-Dawn says:

    You’ve asked this before. Several times. The answer is the same. No she wasn’t being mean. She was saying that if you allow her to help you, she’ll do what she can. Maybe she can’t help, but she’ll help to the best of her ability.

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