Did You Go On The Bridalregistryusa Promotional Vacation?

I got a phone call yesterday that my fiancee and I had been selected to come to a bridal show. Supposedly, all we have to do is go and watch a presentation, review some products, and we leave with our choice of a trip voucher for 3 days and 2 nights at a bunch of locations in North America, or get two wedding bands. The woman I spoke with assured us repeatedly that we wouldn’t have to buy any of their products or put any money down.
Of course, it sounds kind of fishy. I don’t mind paying taxes for the trip or putting in a small contribution of some sort, but I am kind of concerned that the hotels/ accomodations could be seedy, or that once we go, someone will harass us for hours at the destination (I keep picturing the South Park episode where the families go to Aspen…). Again, I don’t mind giving someone a little bit of time or money, but I don’t want to go if it will just be painful. Has anyone actually gone on the trip? I’ve seen reviews for the products they sell but not much about the quality of the trip, which is through Viva Resorts.
I know there’s no such thing as something for nothing; I just want to make sure it isn’t more of a headache than its worth. Thanks!!

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One Response to “Did You Go On The Bridalregistryusa Promotional Vacation?”

  1. planner says:

    way more of a headache than it is worth. the sales representatives will absolutely hound you into purchasing something and will make you feel like dirt if you don’t. they will even go so far as to say “why did you come here then if you don’t want to buy…just to get something for free? ”
    they will try to pressure you big time, try to embarass you or even try to divide and conquer. it is not worth it believe me. been there, done that. not the exact same one but they all operate the same way. high pressure sales tactics.

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