Did You Know Antidepressant Sales To Republicans Will Skyrocket After Tomorrow?

TIP…..Invest in a pharmaceutical company today

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8 Responses to “Did You Know Antidepressant Sales To Republicans Will Skyrocket After Tomorrow?”

  1. LDS delenda est says:

    Good tip, but I keep my money away from Wall Street. I would rather occupy it.

  2. Shovel Ready says:

    You really don’t have a clue. My money is invested in Asia. For every idiotic thing liberals do, you lose and I win.

  3. Anna, the wicked Libertarian says:

    Save your money. Republicans don’t believe in drugs to feel better.

  4. AverageJ says:

    Not to mention ammunition.
    Invest in ATK.

  5. Hector Frodo says:

    I believe it!

  6. Ryde.On says:

    An d pot and crack sales will skyrocket for Liberals ,,,,,,,,,, oh wait ,,,,, they are already at all time highs aren’t they ?

  7. K8 says:

    No matter who wins I, as a conservative, will go on as I have always done. I do not need outside help, such as drugs (money, food, etc.), to continue with my happy and productive life.
    I already have ammunition – out in the country we use our guns. My life is streamlined, I and my husband know how to get food for ourselves and our family (we grow it in orchards, gardens, and a greenhouse), and we keep chickens and hunt if/when we need to.
    It’s you young people who will really suffer if Obama wins. If he continues with his spending you will be left with the bill and it will drastically alter your future.

  8. i don't know says:

    I work for a company that distributes those very meds… we are being offered almost unlimited overtime for the next few weeks. The predictions for distribution after an election go way up.
    Thing is, the conservatives won’t recognize that they are more depressed, they are used to being “glazed over” and will just lash out at their wives and kids instead.

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