Did you know you can sell your art or sculpture on amazon?

Hard to believe but some artists are selling their work via amazon, it may be worth a look at getting a seller account to get a much bigger shop window for your work. Take a look at this for an example –


do other artists think this would be a good way of increasing sales/exposure?

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3 Responses to “Did you know you can sell your art or sculpture on amazon?”

  1. Professor says:

    It is difficult to sell something that is visual and tactile where it can’t be handled but I believe Amazon to be very good and its worth a try

  2. Mungo says:

    No, I didn’t know that. Chances are that nobody else know either,so you could be wasting your time.

  3. Mrs. Pears says:

    I had no idea art could be sold on Amazon! I usually just sell to friends and acquaintances, but I think I’m might give Amazon a try. (I did a little bit of eBay, but I didn’t have the results I was hoping for, so that was a failed experiment.)

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