Diesel Men’s Watch, Help?

I Want To Buy This Diesel Watch:
Diesel Men’s Watch DZ1437
Can I Get It Cheaper Anywhere Else?
Is It Scratch-Proof?

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One Response to “Diesel Men’s Watch, Help?”

  1. silverpe says:

    On Amazon the cheapest is 65 quids. This site here sells the DZ1437 for much less so that’s cheaper but I haven’t purchased anything from them before.http://www.nywatchstore.com/dz1437.html
    The DZ1437 has a mineral crystal glass so it’s not as scratch resistant as a sapphire crystal. Mineral crystal rates about 6 on the Mohs scale and it’s actually quite durable for daily wear but it can be scratched by anything rated higher than 6 on Mohs, like grains of sand (silica, 7), sapphire (9) or diamond (10).

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