Digging Out Golf Travel Insurance

No golf travel insurance? Absolutely no problem at all! That is until:

– you’re desperate to start playing but unfortunately your clubs have gone walkabout in transit;

– you knew exactly where you left your clubs but unfortunately so did someone else who decided that they could do more with them that you could (i.e. a thief);

– someone didn’t like to get too hung-up on the outmoded concepts of care and attention while your clubs were travelling and as a result, they’re now only really fit for the recycling pile.

It’s true that these things don’t happen every day but if they happened to you, what would you prefer your response options to be:

– sit and sulk while you think how long it’s going to take you to save up for a new set;

– to get someone to pay for the hire of clubs so your holiday can continue and smile knowing that they will also be paying for the replacement of your missing or destroyed clubs?

If the second option sounds a bit more amenable then you should be thinking about golf travel insurance.

Golf insurance exists to cover the above sorts of circumstances – situations that may, in fact, be a little bit more common that you would suppose.

Payout limits may exist but it could still be a huge financial help to you if you suffer a disaster on your golfing break. And not all policies will offer all these elements of cover.

Also, do note that as with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

Golf cover typically protects not just your clubs as a set but also single clubs as well.

It may even make a significant contribution towards the bar round costs at the clubhouse if you’re fortunate (skilful?) enough to hit that hole in one!

Of course, you may be far more worried about the nature of your game than the security of your golf clubs but that could all change in an instant if you’re on the receiving end of a dose of bad luck.

In the scheme of your total annual spending on golf, the cost of golf travel insurance may be relatively minor. It’s perhaps worth thinking about further – and in advance of a catastrophe rather than afterwards.

Source by Lindsay Kizzia

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