Digital Notebook/tablet Tech Help, 10 Pnts?

I currently use a laptop and not very comfy with on-screen keyboards and touchscreen technology
But I was planning on buying the Samsung galaxy note 10. or the Asus Transformer infinity. But seems this android technology doesn’t support regular features like Dreamweaver, right? Are these good tablets for someone who has forever used Windows?
I want these tabs mainly for note-taking, quick scribbling? So I found this other option called digital notepads (DigiMemo or Cyberpad) or something. Are those good? What is the hard drive storage capacity? I found a link, but I dont think this is quite the thing? Here is the link,
Anyone has any idea/suggestions? Product names in particular? I am from the writing field so basically any software that allows me to write/scribble on the go would be great

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  1. Kevin says:

    It will never be a replacement for a laptop. However, I use it for school and it is amazing. I have a Asus Transformer Infinity and I had the exact same consideration. I was think about the note 10.1 as well. I played around with the note and I loved it. It’s amazing. Even though, it does lag sometimes even with its quad core processor, it is a nice tablet to work with. The TF700 or Asus Transformer infinity is also great for notes. You can buy a stylus if you want and mine came with a keyboard dock. It is fast, high resolution screen and it does everything I want it to do. Great for entertainment as well. I wanted something for notes in class, word processing, creating presentations, creating graphs, watching my 1080p movies and playing high quality games. The TF700 was definitely my choice. If you purely want a tablet for note taking, not entertainment and word processing, go for the Note 10.1. It’s pretty good. Otherwise, get the TF700 (btw, TF700 has jelly bean update available already and the note 10.1 doesn’t)

  2. Georgi says:

    Other than the touch screen and the size, what’s the difference of a Tablet PC from Laptops/Notebooks? I’m thinking of getting one. Specifically, are normal programs not available on a Tablet PC? I saw this demo on the Microsoft site that said it allows you to transfer some of your favorite music from you desktop PC to the Tablet. Does this mean I can’t store my whole library in it? Does a tablet have a DVD-RW or CD-ROM drive? Is there lower hard drive capacity? Or is it mostly the same thing?

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