Digital Signage in Sports Stadiums

There is one location where digital advertising has been used to its full potential and that is in sports stadiums. Football arenas, baseball grounds and athletics stadiums are all places where the true potential of digital signage has been realized.

There are various reasons why digital screens are used by businesses and industry such as information, advertising and raising brand awareness. And in sports stadiums digital signage is being successfully used for all of these applications.

Digital signage for pitchside sponsorship

Pitch side sponsorship is a huge money maker for football teams and sports clubs. Not only is sponsorship and advertising along the pitch visible to the ground's attendees but also as many sporting events are televised these adverts can reach an audience of millions.

Traditionally these adverts, branding and sponsorship messages have been based on traditional print media, however, outdoor digital signage can generate more more revenue from the same space.

By using TV screens to provide the branding and sponsorship around the pitch not only can moving images be introduced as part of the messages making the adverts more attractive but also multiple adverts can be relayed on each screen and swapped at regular intervals (such as every ten Seconds) meaning far more revenue can be collected from the same space.

Sponsors around pitch – replacing static signs – multiple advertisements same space for TV exposure.

Providing the Scores

Giant LED screens are a common sight in many sports grounds. They are extremely useful for providing scoreboard information and other key facts such as substitutions that can aid the fans in the audience. Now, thanks to the growth of large scale outdoor digital signage screens, this type of information can now be relayed in a far more attractive and useful manner. The scoreboards too can be interlaced with advertisements and other information increasing revenue streams.

Information around the ground

And digital screen are used throughout sports stadiums in the concourses; Providing seating information and even score updates for latecomers; And even parking areas with outdoor digital signage helping ensure regular parking as well as providing important information about the ground.

Source by Richard N Williams

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