Digital Watches – Digital Vs Analog

Welcome to the new age! We are now in a digital world where everything you glance or touch is digital. And so does your watch. The digital era has made analog watches replaced by the more progressive ones. Either it is bold or soft, for male or female, the timepiece manufacturers seem to understand what these folks desire.

From alarm clock to cell phone feature, digital watches have been seen in almost every spot in the world. The wristwatch, for example, now comes in stylish digital numerals with lots of types and shapes. This makes the twelve circling segments watches are left behind and digital watches break through.

The variety shapes in digital watches have gain more popularity when celebrities wear them on the big events as in movie awards or fashion week. People are aware of them and starting to purchase one. But this is also depend on which brand does the celebrity wear.

In 1997, a survey once stated that the wristwatch popularity had declined since mobile phones arose. However, in the early 2006, wristwatch manufacturers innovate digital watch; making it a fashionable item once again. G-Shock has ever been widely strapped once. The trendy color and sporty look are designed to match any occasions.

Recently new style of watch is discovered in wristwatch markets which made from silicon jelly with various colors. Bracelet look-alike watch is now common in public as well. This uni-sex accessory item appears to be accepted worldwide since wearing it becomes a lifestyle rather than a need to know the time.

Admittedly, as the world keeps changing, so does the frequently asked question about the timepiece. What’s circled on your wrist gets more interesting than what time it is.

Source by Greg B. Steven

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