Direct TV and Dish Network – Satellite TV Alternatives

Two satellite television companies now vie for the business of people who are looking for an alternative to cable television. These companies are Dish Network and Direct TV. Both are nationally based, growing companies that are known for their high level of customer service and advanced technologies. They are also known for their good values and vast array of programming choices. Though Directv and Dishnetwork in are competing companies, they both offer a similar level of service and are attractive to a wide range of people. The final choice as to which satellite television company to go with has more to do with individual viewing preferences that with one company being better than another.

No matter which satellite television company you choose, you get to access advanced technology like high definition television and the digital video recorder if you so choose. Both Dish Network and Direct TV even have special DVR packages that give you access to this technology while also giving you a lot of channels. You also get fully digital programming and all of the interactive features that entails through both providers. This makes sure you get extremely clear and crisp pictures and high quality sound. Even Dish Network ‘s and Direct TV ‘s receiver offer you similar features. They both have electronic program guides, parental controls, software upgrades via satellite, on-screen caller ID, and bookmarks. The more advanced models have features like the digital video recorder (which can record in high definition on some models) and HDTV capabilities.

You will find the differences between these companies not in their technology, but in their programming options. Both their regular programming packages and their specialty programming are very different from each other. Take the programming packages, for instance. If you choose Dishnetwork as your television provider, you will choose from packages that range from 100 to over 250 channels. With Directv , you only get large packages, with the programming packages beginning at 140 channels. While the type of programming in each package is similar and you will get all the normal channels with either company, each company has different additions to their packages. Directtv includes locals and XM satellite radio with every package. Dishnetwork includes Sirius satellite radio, but no locals unless you pay an extra fee. However, Dishnet Satellite has a lot of specials where they throw in a free premium movie package with smaller programming packages. This makes it necessary to compare everything included within a programming package to determine which is the better value.

Of course, specialty programming is also a source of different options between the two companies. Direct TV is more sports oriented, while Dish Network has more high definition entertainment. For example, you can find the NFL Sunday Ticket only through Directv, but Dishnetwork Satellite has an entire 31 channels of HDTV programming. Dishnetwork is also leading the way with interactive television. While you can get news, lottery results, sports, and other information through both companies’ interactive menus, Dishnetwork also includes many games, Fantasy Sports, and other entertainment. When it comes to movies, however, each company is pretty evenly matched. Both offer nearly 100 channels of Pay Per View and have the same premium movie packages. You can also get a lot of high definition movie options through either company.

Though both Directv and Dishnetwork in offer high quality satellite television and have many similarities, there are enough differences to make it important to choose the right company. A little bit of research into the current specials and the programming that each company offers is enough to make sure you make the right choice. We feel that Dishnetwork gives you sightly more bang for your buck with the current special deals.

Source by Julia Hall

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