Direct TV vs Dish Network

First category we'll examine is pricing. Dish Network has a slight advantage for pricing but will offer slightly less channels in their tiered packaging. For local channels Dish Network charges an additional $ 5 a month, DirectTV charges $ 3 a month.

Now we'll take a look at Sports Programming, one of the most purchased additional packages to satellite TV. Both Dish Network and DirectTV offer sports programming packages at an additional cost. If you're an avid NFL fan, and want the Sunday Ticket, your only choice is DirectTV, as Dish Network DOES NOT offer the NFL Sunday Ticket. Dish Network does have the Multi-Sport Package which includes most of the FOX regional channels. While very comparable, Direct TV has a slight advantage over Dish Network because of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Our last category is Equipment, specifically DVR. Both Dish Network and DirectTV offer DVR equipment for free when you order their premium packages, the difference is DirectTV uses Tivo for their DVR equipment. With DirectTV's TIVO, you can watch one channel, while recording another. Dish Network's DVR systems do offer more recording hours though. The advantage again goes to Direct TV, because with TIVO you can watch one channel, while recording another.

Now that you've seen the differences, what does it all mean? If you need NFL ticket, DirectTV should be your choice hands down. You should also select DirectTV if you want a nicer interface for the DVR equipment.

If you're on a tight budget, you can save a little each month with Dish Network, as their packages run slightly cheaper per month.

Source by Martin Maness

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