discount of train tickets?

basically i just got a 16-25 raqil card because it said 1/3 % of from original fare, amazing ticket for students who go to college every day!
bloody rip off, because the card doesn’t in work in the morning WHICH IS WHEN I GO ON THE TRAIN!
does anybody know how i can get a discount of train tickets because the train is so expensive!

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  1. Carl says:

    David S the minimum fare on a 16-25 railcard is £12 NOT £13.

    £13 is the network railcard minimum fare,

    16-25 Railcards are no way a rip off , they are fantastic. I save about two to three thousand pounds with mine every year, travelling up and down the country which for an outlay of £65 for 3 years – £21 a year is about as good as you can get these days.

    They might not work for shorter commuter style journeys on weekdays between 0430 and 10am but I’ve used mine on many occasions before 10am for longer distance journeys.

    In some areas they do offer Student Discount schemes such as the Cardiff Valleys Student Railcard which costs £9 and gives 10% discount on season tickets. Do check locally and with your college to see if there is one.

    With Transpennine Express you can get a 50% discount on Advance Single tickets with a railcard through the Student link on their website.

    If you live on a Transpennine Express route you could opt for some very cheap advance fares to get to and from college if your happy to commit. An example being Sheffield – Doncaster where you could get fares from £1.50-£2.00 on weekday morning services around 7-8am and can return for the same price in the evening making it far cheaper than a season ticket for someone who lives on a tight budget.

  2. Timbo is here says:

    You will not gat a discount at peak times unless you buy a season ticket

  3. 01189998819991197253 says:

    Then you’re a fool for not reading the terms of the railcard properly.

    For discounts get a season ticket and if you don’t think it is a discount work out the cost against daily tickets!

  4. David S says:

    Before 10am on weekdays the minimum discounted fare is £13. That is you don’t get the discount on
    short distance journeys in the weekday morning rush hour

  5. rdenig_male says:


  6. Jon says:

    I’m sure the leaflet for the 16-25 railcard did not say it was "for students who go to college every day!". If you read it properly you will see it is mainly intended for long journeys (originally it was the student railcard and was aimed at university students studying far from home and making a long journey between parental home and university three times a year).

    It was never meant to provide a discount on daily peak-hour commuting to college.

    If you live in a city with an organised transport system (e.g. London with TfL, Liverpool with Merseytravel) you may well find that there is a local transport student discount scheme such as London’s student oyster card.

  7. d@dz says:

    and this is the future generation!!-and what is a ‘raqil card’

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