discount on glasses when pregnant?

i have read varied comments on free eyetests and discount on glasses when pregnant. i get my eye test for free as wear contacts but wondering if u get any discount on glasses? i live in the UK? if you do how do u go about it?

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4 Responses to “discount on glasses when pregnant?”

  1. Tincky says:

    i knew ’bout discount on tests, but on glasses…. IDK! sorry…

  2. tojo_98 says:

    No, you aren’t entitled to discount on glasses due to pregnancy, but you can if you are on low income. You are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and Free dental treatment though.

  3. ♥Baby♥Bump♥ says:

    No because your eye sight changes when your pregnant and if the govt were to give discount/free glasses they would be out a fortune

  4. Rats says:

    Due to changes in blood pressure, most women’s vision changes temporarily during pregnancy and usually returns to the previous state after birth. For this reason, the NHS don’t do free eye tests or discounts for glasses for pregnant women.

    The only situation where you would is when you are already entitled to free eye tests. It is probably not worth getting your eyes checked until after birth (unless you believe that you are unable to drive safely etc).

    This was the advice I was given when I tried to book an appointment!

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