Discount Phantom of the Opera tickets in Las Vegas?

Is there somewhere to get a discount on good tickets?
Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

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3 Responses to “Discount Phantom of the Opera tickets in Las Vegas?”

  1. MacKenzie S says:

    Okay, well. If you’re a student you can get them for $33 IF you show them your ID. I actually got away without it once-but only once. I was 13 at the time and so they knew I was a student. If you buy the 33 dollar ones you it in the Partier (I have no idea how to spell that..) seats. It’s underneath the balcony. But the view is still amazing and the sound incredible. If you’re not a student go onto and type in the code local49 I’m not sure if it still works-haven’t been there since April but it should give you tickets for $59.

    Good choice for a play by the way! Tony (Anthony Crivello-the Phantom) is amazing. Absolutly spectacular. So is Andrew, Kristi and Kristen. If you’re there on a Wednesday go up to the Palazza and they will be there.

    Good luck and say hi to Tony for me! (I’ve met him before…)

  2. lvgeno says:

    The discount ticket booths have them sometimes. Last Weekend they had them for $59 each. They are located all over the strip and downtown.

  3. groovymaude says:

    Tix 4 Tonite but get there early,

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